Karukinka Exploration

Navigations with a positive impact

Starting this year, the Karukinka association proposes sailing expeditions to help finance its projects in support of indigenous peoples. Founded 10 years ago, Karukinka has carried out many activities, including expeditions and, in 2019, organizing the first visit to France of members of indigenous populations from southern Patagonia.

In 2024 and 2025, we aim to build upon the ideas born from these initial interactions and give these peoples direct access, over time, to the archives kept in France and containing valuable information about the history of the Yagans, Haush, and Selk'nam. This project entitled "Voces de las abuelas" can be discovered here (in French).

Support for expeditions

Aware of the difficulties faced by laboratories, researchers, and creators, Karukinka does its utmost to help and support field activities.

Because it is often very difficult to obtain the necessary funding for research in polar and subpolar environments, we make every effort to ensure that funds obtained from private navigations contribute to support our projects.

With a constant focus on helping our planet and its inhabitants, we are happy to evaluate and consider any request for administrative and/or logistical support for the realization of scientific, artistic, sports, and humanistic expeditions.