The Ship

Milagro, Bruce Roberts 65

An exploration sailboat

Why sail on Milagro?

Milagro has twice sailed round the World. This fully equipped and insulated ship is a floating base camp capable of hosting all kinds of initiatives, whether artistic, scientific, or sports-related. Led by a professional crew, this 20-metre steel ketch is comfortable, secure, and welcoming, while also being well adapted to meet the logistical needs of ambitious projects.

How many people can she accommodate?

With her five cabins (four doubles and one quadruple), Milagro can accommodate up to 12 people. However since the quadruple cabin is (relatively) less spacious than the others, we prefer to restrict the capacity to 10 people for projects lasting more than a week.

Who sails this ship?

Karukinka entrusts this ship exclusively to a professional crew consisting of two to three people qualified with a French Sailing License (Brevet d’Etat Voile) and through the French Merchant Navy (‘Capitaine 200 voile’ ‘’, ‘matelot’).

Is she comfortable despite the cold outside?

The ship is fully insulated (>10cm insulation) and equipped with central heating consisting of a powerful boiler and about ten radiators distributed throughout the cabins, the lounge, and the bathrooms. It’s always comfortable to live aboard!

Why join the Karukinka association?

Because sailing with Karukinka means supporting projects that have a real social impact for indigenous peoples in regions like insular Patagonia and enabling the realization of bold and ground breaking research projects conducted with them.

The Karukinka Association is fundamentally multidisciplinary and, to maintain its independence, self-funds the majority of its projects, only occasionally resorting to public subsidies.

We bring together real enthusiasts with artistic, scientific, and sports-related interests and skills.

Since its establishment in 2014, Karukinka has been exploring and studying historically significant places and furthering knowledge of those who preceded us: Yagán and Sámi peoples, explorers, scientists, etc.

Our ship offers the unique opportunity to explore places on a small scale whilst always respecting the inhabitants and heritage.

And finally, we are also open to new ideas and requests to leverage our team’s expertise and vessel to support your own projects, drawing from our experience of conducting scientific and artistic expeditions since 2013.

Sailing the seas of the globe since 1991

Milagro is a comfortable and versatile yacht, having twice sailed round the World including whale observation expeditions.

Equipped to safely lead us under all latitudes, the ship underpins our research and creative projects: artistic and multimedia residencies, scientific and documentary expeditions.


WIDTH : 5M25


DIESEL (1500L)



Milagro plan interieur